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3 Cheap Beach Destinations You Should Try This Summer

If you are a beachgoer, spending summer vacation at the beach is one of the most important things in your life. However, we all know that this type of destination can be very expensive and, at a greater extent, you many not afford to pay for an extended period in one of the exotic island in the United States or the Latin region.

However, there are some affordable beach destinations that should be on top of your list for this summer vacations.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth beach is a family-friendly resort that you can easily visit without parting with hundreds of dollars. There is no entrance fee, and all you have to pay is $1.75 per hour, which is relatively affordable when compared to the average amount of money that you have to pay to enter an exotic beach area. You can as well park your car for the whole day at less than $3, which is relatively cheap.

Manzanillo Beach, Mexico

Manzanillo is known as a major working port, which makes less attractive to tourists. Given that there is less number of people visiting this place, the prices are extremely lower and you will enjoy plenty of space at some few dollars. Nevertheless, Manzillo is a prime destination for any beachgoer, and you should try it this summer.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We all know that Myrtle Beach has the reputation of being a golfing destination. You might definitely think that there is nothing to do with beach in this region. However, this spot forms one of the longest contiguous beaches around the country and more so, it is located in one of the country’s least expensive regions. Additionally, there is a wide variety of affordable accommodations, especially if you are planning to spend some time here.

These destinations offer some of the most secluded beach areas where you can enjoy with your family members. Convenient transportation, cheap lodging, and family-friendly amenities are some of the aspects that should compel you to try these beaches this summer.…

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Is Fertility the Most Mythical Subject?

Fertility, the ability of a male and a female to produce through regular sexual activity, is a subject that has many superstitions. It requires a healthy production of sperms by the male and eggs by the female. If one of these productions has a problem, then infertility might be encountered.

Other than normal production, here are two things that you need to know to improve your knowledge about fertility:

Weight Affects Your Fertility

scaleIt is essential to know that your weight affects your ability to conceive. About 12% of infertility cases are linked to weight. 22% of body fat is required for ovulation and normal menstruation to occur. Therefore, if you do not eat or overly exercise and do not have enough fat, you will have abnormal menstrual cycles, or rather, you will not at all.

Also, being overweight is another issue for a woman because the chemistry of hormones will be altered, and thus, ovulation will not take place, which will lead to difficulties to conceive. It is advisable to have a BMI of between 19 and 25 to be fertile. 70% of women have gotten pregnant after gaining or losing some pounds to achieve a healthy weight.

Ovulation Day Is Not the Only Day

It has been put in our minds that a woman is more fertile during the ovulation day. However, this does not necessarily have to be the only day to try to get pregnant. A woman is more fertile for six days before the actual ovulation day. As a matter of fact, the fertility level is low during this period. Sperm is viable for up to three days in the woman’s reproductive tract. Therefore, having sex two days before the ovulation day offers the most fertile chance.

Many myths have been said about fertility. However, these two tips are crucial. Fertility is vital to everyone who is trying to be a parent, so it is essential to have this first-hand information to increase your chances of being fertile.…