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Six Factors to Consider When Buying a Plot of Land

When it comes to a dream home, different people will have different things to tell. And that’s why some of us prefer to build our home on an empty plot. If you are also interested in the idea, here are six factors to consider before you contact a realtor.

Choose the Location

You may like a house, but it may not be in the area you desire to live. Your preference for a particular sector may be solely because of other social amenities, the transport system and even the weather of the area as compared to the house you are buying. Therefore, look for a house in the area of your choice before choosing the home you desire.

Don’t Commit Unless You Are Ready

Buying a house is a huge commitment and an expensive one too. Thus, as a buyer, you have to ensure that you are completely willing to own a house before engaging even your money. You also need to clearly know the financial stretch that you are getting yourself into before buying the house as this will ensure you do not experience any shocks.

Be Thoughtful About the Down Payment

It is important to pay the down payment and then look for the rest through other financing ways. If you are you take a loan and invest the loan e.g. the stock market. You may end up risking the whole amount to a loss in the market and lose buying the house altogether. Therefore, it is okay to pay the down payment and reduce the total cost of the house.

Observe the Surrounding

Buying a home in a field that has already been developed automatically raises your purchase price. An area that is still growing has relatively lower rates as it may not attract many customers.

Hire a Land Surveyor

Before settling on the house to buy it is critical to know the limit that your property covers. You cannot rely on the seller’s knowledge about the property. Consult a surveyor to eliminate any questions on the border that may arise in the future, like Ray Carlson & Associates, for instance.

Review the Plot Plan

You may improve into a house in an area that is focused on still developing you need to ask yourself how this will impact your long-term stay. What if they build a shopping center? Will you withstand the noise? What of a playground will it affect your stay? Once you look inti the plan, you may be able to consider the area before the purchase.…

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Six Fire Safety Tips for Commercial Buildings

As a commercial building owner, the safety of your tenant is on your hands, at least that is how the law in most states dictate. Besides, a fire breakout can be devastating. It is always better to be precautious now than to regret it later. And here, you will learn how to make your property much safer from fires. 

1. Educate Your Employees About Workplace Fire Safety

Everyone in the building must know how to react when there is a fire. For your employees, you can conduct fire evacuation drills once in a while. And for visitors, make sure that evacuation plans are placed in visible places, and they are easy enough to understand. 

2. Get High-Quality Automatic Sprinkler Systems and Fire Extinguishers

Fire protection technology is always updated. And as a responsible owner, you’d better check if your building is equipped with the latest fire alarm sensors and extinguisher systems. Always use professional services to install your fire protection system, and don’t forget to educate the building maintenance staff on how to use that system. 

3. Enforce No Smoking Policies

Offices rarely have flammable equipment, yet there are cases of fires anyway. And among all possible causes, smoking is the one that you should take seriously. According the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), 1,000 deaths and 3,000 injuries happen annually because of cigarette fires. Put noticeable no-smoking signs in your property and impose strict penalties to the violators. 

4. Inspect Your Storage Routinely

Fire breakouts happen mostly in the least likely area, the storage room. You’d better not to leave the storage unsupervised for a long time. Have some guards to patrol in the premise and also maintain the fire alarm system there. 

5. Maintain Smoke Alarms and Detectors

Fire alarms need maintenance, especially the smoke detectors and sensors. Don’t hesitate to call professional technicians to inspect your fire alarm system. And do this at least once a year. If any parts need replacement, do as the pros tell you.

6. Know When to Hire a Fire Watch Service

No matter how technologically advanced your fire alarm and extinguisher system is, there are always chances for them to be faulty. In that case, your last precautionary step will be to hire a fire watch service, like San Jose Fire Watch Services, for instance. Their personnel is 24/7 ready to dispatch and assist you in case of fire. 

Although fire watch guards do not put the fire out themselves, they are very effective in taking precautionary actions. By having them patrolling in your commercial property, you’ll reduce the chances of any combustion to turn into fire breakouts.