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Three Tips to Improve The Management at Your Clinic

As a clinic owner, you should have known the importance of keeping your management system updated. Technologies like scheduling software, integrated information system, cloud data storage, and logistics can help your clinic to avoid overbooking. Even though new clinics seem to be proliferating, understaffed is still an issue. And what you can do to counter that problem is by improving the clinic management system.

Automizing Your Systems

medical appointmentAutomation has reached many industry sectors. And unlike in the past, single physician clinics now can enjoy the benefits of automized technologies. They are no longer exclusive to big healthcare providers. Therefore, it will be a significant loss if you omit the possibilities for you to automate the tasks in your clinic.

As an example, managing patient appointments is often the most arduous task in the front desk department. And today, it can be done through an application or browser. You must adopt this means of scheduling because potential patients can make appointments at any time.

Deal with the Bottlenecks

scheduling a visitAlthough clinics are not a manufacturing business, bottlenecks do occur in the system, and they need regular checking to be overcome. As the head of the clinic, that ask will be your job.

The routines in the clinic happen so quickly, and yet you must maintain sharp eyes for inefficiencies as they may happen subtly. According to Aldrich Advisors, there are six questions you should ask yourself to identify the bottlenecks in your clinic;

  1. What are the issues that keep occurring in the clinic?
  2. What feedback have you got from both patients and your staff?
  3. Do you often feel your clinic is overbooked?
  4. Do your staff experience any gridlock in their workflow?
  5. Has been there any complaints from your team?
  6. What has happened during the most overwhelming time?

Integrate with a Cloud System

cloud storage mechanismAs mentioned previously, technology has been a determining factor in the health industry. And among all of the innovations, the cloud system has been known to be the most cutting edge tech that all health services must employ.

First, getting all of the staff on the same page affects the pace of the clinic’s workflow. The faster everyone has access to the relevant information about a patient, the quicker the flow will be, and the less likely for any obstruction to happen.

Second, cloud-based communication also prevents miscommunication since the content is always accessible to other authorized users. And third, all the records will be stored safely without the needs of backing them up physically. You will be free from hardware maintenance and security upgrades, as long as you entrust your clinic’s cloud system to a credible provider.…

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Is Fertility the Most Mythical Subject?

Fertility, the ability of a male and a female to produce through regular sexual activity, is a subject that has many superstitions. It requires a healthy production of sperms by the male and eggs by the female. If one of these productions has a problem, then infertility might be encountered.

Other than normal production, here are two things that you need to know to improve your knowledge about fertility:

Weight Affects Your Fertility

scaleIt is essential to know that your weight affects your ability to conceive. About 12% of infertility cases are linked to weight. 22% of body fat is required for ovulation and normal menstruation to occur. Therefore, if you do not eat or overly exercise and do not have enough fat, you will have abnormal menstrual cycles, or rather, you will not at all.

Also, being overweight is another issue for a woman because the chemistry of hormones will be altered, and thus, ovulation will not take place, which will lead to difficulties to conceive. It is advisable to have a BMI of between 19 and 25 to be fertile. 70% of women have gotten pregnant after gaining or losing some pounds to achieve a healthy weight.

Ovulation Day Is Not the Only Day

It has been put in our minds that a woman is more fertile during the ovulation day. However, this does not necessarily have to be the only day to try to get pregnant. A woman is more fertile for six days before the actual ovulation day. As a matter of fact, the fertility level is low during this period. Sperm is viable for up to three days in the woman’s reproductive tract. Therefore, having sex two days before the ovulation day offers the most fertile chance.

Many myths have been said about fertility. However, these two tips are crucial. Fertility is vital to everyone who is trying to be a parent, so it is essential to have this first-hand information to increase your chances of being fertile.…